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"Theoretical knowledge alone cannot make a successful colorist, but it certainly proves of great value in explaining the true causes of failure and in directing the conditions which lead to success"- by David Paterson, from The Science of Colour Mixing, 1900.

How true yet today, over 100 years later. We supply the theoretical knowledge and show you how it applies to your process. Color science classes, consulting, and application training custom designed to your special needs. Paint, plastics, textiles, & process printing.

40+ years involvement with very close tolerance color matching has led to the development of unique instrumental methods to quickly color match paints, inks and plastics. Combine these with an industry proven method for creating precise virtual drift standards and one can nearly eliminate the human visual process from the operation. That's right-- instruments, properly applied while keeping in mind their limitations, can successfully replace the need for an experienced color judge! Much information and supporting documentation can be found in the presentations within this Web Site, or better yet, contact us to discuss your coloring application.

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News Flash-Updated 5/13/2012

See more detail to right, LED Light Show produced by a baseline microcontroller.

The saga of trying to develop a unique light show displaying the RGB gamut of a tri-color, RGB diode sequenced by hue. Thank you.

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News Flash-Updated 3/29/2012

Color Matching Practice bug fix release is ready to be run and/or downloaded. Match a color in RGB, CMY, Lab, and LCh modes to see for yourself which works best for you. Fixed displays to show all pertinent colorimetric details and added a hue demo routine to RGB mode. Get your own copy now. See below in this column.

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News Flash-Updated 4/19/2008

See more detail to right, Comparison of Blues on Presentations Menu for the latest in the saga of CMC vs CIE2000 for strong blues.

Anyone having actual industrial experience using CIEDE2000, please visit the message board and tell of your success or failures. Thank you.

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News Flash-Updated 7/25/2005

SAE J1545- JULY 2005 - Instrumental Color Difference Measurement for Exterior Finishes, Textiles and Colored Trim – has been revised and is now available for purchase from SAE.
Please click further information.

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bullet CRAYOLA Color can be fun!

bullet Color Science & Technology  Color can be very technical.

bullet Munsell Color Science Lab Color is sometimes for the educated.

bullet More from academia Why is color?

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Below are some freebie programs (sometimes the best kind) for your enjoyment. Check back here regularly since plans are to have more free programs and utilities related to color and color control in the future.

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If you are running late versions of Windows (98, ME, XP or Vista) the following programs might execute as stand alone programs without any necessary installation routines other than saving the executable (.exe) on your computer and then double clicking it or making yourself a shortcut if you wish. To find out if it will execute, click the link and then open the file. If it runs, then close it and click the link to choose save it on your computer for later use. You will probably get a virus warning, so if you don't want to execute the file, then download it and virus scan it to satisfy yourself it is safe. It will either run or tell you that a .dll file is missing. If you get the missing file message and still want the program then contact me. If there is enough interest I will make the installable downloads available.

Calculate DE -this calculates Delta E's using the latest methods, CIEDE2000, DIN99, CMC1, CMC2, and 1976CIE. Simply keyin the L*a*b* numbers.

Color Matching Practice -this lets you practice matching random colors in RGB, CMY, LAB or LCh mode while your progress is plotted in Lab space. Try it. You'll have fun and quickly discover which is easiest for you! This program also displays 1976CIELAB D65/2Degree data based on the sRGB standard as well as CMC and CIEDE2000 color differences with related deltas. Playing around with this program will definitely sharpen your color eye as well as opening your eyes to some lesser known facts regarding RGB conversions and system precision. LAB numbers are converted to RGB and back and shown side by side. I have opinions but you can be the judge. Remember that in 10xRes mode the precision is 100 times more than my version of Photoshop 6.0! See Color Science for the Graphics Artist for more details of what can happen. Program plots the sRGB color solid along with all six of its orthographic projections in CIELAB space.

Sudoku Solver -nothing to do with color but is a program I wrote to help solve Sudoku Puzzles - the latest Japanese craze to catch America's attention. Run it in place or save it to your computer if you wish.

CryptoQuote Helper. -once again, nothing to do with color, just another fun program to aid solving King Features Syndicate Inc. Cryptoquote Puzzles published daily in many newspapers. It doesn't do any decoding (although I considered it), you must supply the brain power. It analyzes character frequencies and keeps track of your progress allowing you to focus on your task of figuring out the quotation. Takes out the drudgery yet leaves in the fun! Installable talking version.

The following program is a DOS/Windows executable (.exe) that can be downloaded or run in place as above. No other files or installation is needed. Be patient when running this program, it must make a jillion calculations to do the ellipse plotting and you might think it is frozen. Wait and it will do its thing.

Acceptability Ellipse Plots -this lets you plot your own CMC, DE2000, and DIN ellipses about the a*b* target you select with your own Commercial Factor.

CMC Maximum Data -this is the raw data file described in presentation "DE2000 and CMC Compared". Click here to download to your computer. The file should be opened by your browser, Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc. Once the transfer is complete, use file save as option to put it where you want. It is a comma delimited text file that can be imported or opened by other programs for data manipulation. This file was opened with MS Excel to create the graph in the presentation.

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