WELCOME to RPDMS Associates - Data Management Consulting

What is RPDMS anyway? The name was originally given to a database file system written in the late 1970's ('77 or '78), running on an Ohio Scientific Challenger C3 system purchased from a local business systems dealer who decided to drop OSI from his product line. The C3 was quite an advanced capability computer system containing three different processor chips of the era and could virtually run any available microcomputer operating systems and software. However, really good, bug free, functioning, business type application software was hard to find and support was even rarer. To fill that void, RPDMS Associates was born.

OS-65U operating system on a C3 supported both multiuser time sharing along with networking to other computers (LAN and WAN weren't common terminology yet). From its inception, RPDMS's software implemented file and record locking permitted multiple users working in the same file without clashing with each other. Later in the early 1980's, RPDMS was modified to run on IBM type PC's and was used as the base file structure for hundreds of application programs from Accounting to Zip codes. However, it was years before PC's were capable of utilizing it's networking capabilities.

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